make & believe invites children living with illness to use art and crafting to promote well-being and to provide an identity beyond their illness. Our arts and crafts programs incorporate a mix of different mediums and styles of creating art to appeal to any artistic spirit.



We believe there is a reservoir of healing found through creativity, imagination and friendship. The children participating in our events find confidence in working as a group making whimsical artwork and stories that inspire.




We not only inspire those children living with illness, we work with little junebugs in teaching our well children how to help those that need it. Like when a family purchases a studio session, a birthday party or specially marked art supplies from their store, they are giving that same gift to another child. 


 "The benefit of art therapy for children suffering from the ravages of life threatening illness is undeniable.  Being lost in paint and creativity helps to take away the pain of chemo, the endless pokes of IV needles and continuous prodding by doctors and nurses.  That is why for the past 8 years when she has been well, I have signed my daughter up for every single available art class within a 20 mile radius of my home!  Unfortunately, none were able to accommodate her special needs. She would be disappointed that her project was not as "pretty" as the other students or the class would be too large and the teacher would be unable to help her... or, she would feel overwhelmingly shy when the kids stared at her wheelchair or listened to her awkward speech.  Thank goodness for little junebugs and make & believe!!!! Courtney and her team of mentors have created an unbelievable safe and nurturing environment where my daughter can explore and release her artistic ambitions.  Tears filled my eyes as my daughter proudly showed me her first ever art medal and excitedly asked me when she could come back again. my daughter was thrilled to be part of team red, led by Crystal and Francis; she was encouraged by all of the other children to lend her ideas.  Thank you, make & believe."  -- Michelle, Mother of Cayla, age 12.

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Photography by: Tanya Alexis,